Information for Applicants

Who can apply for a Review by an NSC?

Applications can be submitted by an HREC seeking support for the HREC review process, or by an investigator or sponsor seeking an opinion during the research proposal development process.

Why use an NSC Review?

Access to the expertise of a NSC will help HRECs to ensure that questions of scientific merit and integrity receive expert consideration that may not be available through the HREC. The scientific opinion of the NSC may serve to complement (or supplement) a scientific review by the HREC or its sub-committees.

What should be submitted with an application?

Ideally, the application should include:

  1. A project proposal (a “Protocol”, or research plan, or similar document)
  2. The Investigator Brochure (IB) if applicable
  3. Participant Information (PICF)
  4. Background information providing supporting justification

How can I get help with my application?

Administrative and triage support for all applications is provided by Bellberry. Please call (08) 8361 3222 during office hours for assistance.

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