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Status of applications

Number of applications received

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  • How should I submit my application?

    In the first instance, please send an email to

  • How long will the NSC Pilot run?

    The NSC Pilot will review 30 studies.  It is anticipated that the pilot will be completed in June 2018.

  • How does review by an NSC interact with HREC review?

    If the applicant is an investigator or a sponsor, the scientific opinion provided by an NSC can then be used to contribute to the development of the research proposal.  In this instance, the NSC review does not interact with an HREC review.

    If the applicant is an HREC, then the scientific opinion can be used either to inform the scientific review conducted by the HREC or its scientific sub-committee OR it can be used by an HREC to replace that scientific review.

  • How long will the process take?

    Applicants will receive feedback within 3 weeks of the acceptance of a submission. Within that 3 weeks, timelines may vary depending on the scheduling of meetings.